History of Super Klutz

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Matt Ryan

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03/24/01: Super KlutzTM Petitioning the People
Responsible for Mud to Trade Clothes With Him

03/23/01: Super KlutzTM Just Loves Creeky Floors

03/22/01: Super KlutzTM Sorts His Laundry the Old Fashioned Way ... with FIRE!

3/11/01: Super KlutzTM Signing Up for a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
Involving Some Toes, the Eiffel Tower, and Sugar Cookies

3/10/01: Super Klutz'sTM Car Keys Cheerfully Trotting About the Living Room

3/09/01: Super KlutzTM Accidentally Reading the Wrong Cue Card

3/08/01: Super KlutzTM Wants to Go Home

3/07/01: Super KlutzTM Randomly Randoming Randoms

3/06/01: Super KlutzTM In Kaylee Land 1

3/05/01: Super KlutzTM Allowing All Things to Happen,
Against the Wishes of His New Shoes

3/04/01: Super KlutzTM Ironing His Laundry Hamper Blue

3/03/01: Super KlutzTM Paying for a New 2001 Spanking

3/02/01: Super KlutzTM Seeking Refuge in an Average-Sized Nose

3/01/01: Super KlutzTM Turning His Frown Upside-Down

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